Blindfolds and Broken Dreams
Literature that explores the abyss within us all...

Last Thoughts
By Loria Chaddon

I heard a sound outside tonight,
Softly scratching, beyond the light,
With trembling hands, I peaked outside,
My breathing shallow, eyes opened wide,
My palms were wet, I shook with fear,
I couldn’t see, but I could hear,
A scratching loud, a growling deep,
A startling sight, a shadow’s creep,
Beneath a bush, the flash of eyes,
I could not tell the creature’s size,
A barking nearly stopped my heart,
From out the bush, my dog did dart,
Barking loud and running fast,
He launched himself at the glass,
The window shuddered, rattled hard,
The metal frame was bent and scarred,
Flinching back, I yelped in fright,
His eyes, they showed a fearsome light,
With frothing lips, and maddened eyes,
He clawed and fought to get inside,
This rage I could not understand,
He’d always been my loyal friend,
Fears and doubts nudged at my mind,
I sensed a movement from behind,
With dawning dread, I turned to see,
My loyal dog had not barked at me…

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