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Literary Journals

Blindfolds and Broken Dreams is a literary magazine that publishes Dark Fiction, Poetry, and Art. Dark Fiction explores the darkness contained within the hearts and souls of the human race, and the Universe that spawned us.

A Lighter View™ is a literary magazine that publishes light hearted and amusing Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, and Art. We all need a little light in the darkness.
News Magazines

Readiness Magazine publishes information aimed at helping citizens be prepared for emergencies, as well as information for those interested in Homesteading and Off-Grid Living.

Activism Today is a magazine dedicated to keeping its readers informed on the Causes and Issues of today. As the stewards of the planet, we must keep in mind the future is in OUR hands.

Bad Bears: How to Build a Killer is a new player vs player card game featuring teddy bears growing from "innocent" little cubs into fluffy, vicious killers. Do you have what it takes to survive a true battle of tooth and claw? Roll the dice, choose your cards, and find out.