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We here at Wandering Wolf PressTM are glad you are considering submitting to one of our publications. Whether your chosen artistic medium is written or a visual art, we know and appreciate that each potential contributor has his/her unique view. We understand that putting yourself out there by submitting to a literary, or visual arts, journal can be difficult.  We have been in your shoes.

Each submission will be given due consideration, with an eye to publishing not only what appeals to our personal tastes, but also works that might help to expand the minds and broaden the horizons of our readers. Please remember, not every piece sent to us will be chosen for publication. A rejection does not mean that your work is any less valid. It simply means that it is not a good fit for us.

Submission Guidlines

Prose should be between 100 and 5000 words, and submitted using a Standard Manuscript Format. Poetry has no word requirements.

At this time Wandering Wolf Press™ is only able to make token payments of $15 per accepted prose submission, $10 per accepted art or poetry submissions, payable upon publication. As we grow and increase our income, we will raise our payment scale.

Interested in helping us along the path to paying our writers better? Please visit the link to our Gofundme campaign here:


***We will not accept any work that contains sexual violence or glorifies abuse of any living creature, human or animal, unless it is integral to the storyline. In such a case, please provide a warning in your email as to this content.***

Rolling Submissions

Blindfolds and Broken Dreams™ is a forum for dark literature. We accept any genre, so long as the work has a dark bent.

A Lighter View™ is a forum for literary humor. We accept any genre, as long as it makes us laugh.

Readiness Magazine™ is a new magazine focused on the Homesteading, Prepper, Survival, Self-sufficiency, and Readiness lifestyles. We are looking for articles that will help our readers along this road. Such articles can include anything from canning recipes, to hunting, fishing, and camping, to gun and ammunition reviews, and can include everything in between, and beyond. (All articles will be fact checked to the best of our editors' abilities.)

Activism Today™ is a new magazine focused on world-wide Social, Political, and Environmental Activism. We are seeking thought provoking articles, art, and photojournalistic works in any area of these subjects.

Special Calls

The World After...™ is an upcoming anthology of short stories. The theme is "The World after the Apocalypse." What happens to the life on this planet after an apocalyptic event? Was it zombies? A Pandemic? The eruption of a super volcano? A Carrington Event? A nuclear catastrophe? An asteroid? An alien invasion? Did Cthulu finally make it through? Did computers take over the world?What will bring the world to its knees, and how will we survive? Will it bring out the best, or the worst in us? Give us your best guess, be it twisted, funny, sad, or inspirational. Your story must be titled with, and include some reference to, the apocalyptic event that has occured.

A Day In the Life ™ is an upcoming anthology featuring exactly that, a day in the life of a character. Stories should give a glimpse into an average, or interesting, day from the perspective of a main, but unusual, character. Do vampires visit the dentist? What if a sociopath has a phobia? Where do cannibals shop? What happens when campers stumble on a cryptid that was just minding its own business?

Stories should range between 2,000 and 10,000 words. The deadline for The World After is 5/15/17. The Deadline for A Day in the Life is 6/15/17.

Token payment of $25, payable upon acceptance, as well as a print copy of the anthology.

Email submissions to:


The subject line should be formatted to identify which publication you are submitting to:

Example: Submission-Dark Literature-Title

Please include a brief author bio in the body of your email. File formats should be in .doc, .docx, or rtf.

© 2016 Wandering Wolf Press, LLC™ - All rights Reserved