Wandering Wolf Press™ is a new start up publishing company. Born of a dream and a love of literature shared by the founders, Wandering Wolf Press™ seeks to bring publications to readers that are informative and entertaining.

Presently in development are the literary magazines Blindfolds and Broken Dreams™, showcasing dark fiction, and A Lighter View™, showcasing humorous stories, essays, and poems, as well as Readiness Magazine™, a new Prepper/Homesteading publication, Activism Today™, a publication focusing on political, environmental, and social activism, and The World After...™, a short story, post-apocalytic anthology set for publication in the fall of 2017.

Also in the works is Bad Bears™, a new trading card game pitting player versus player in a psychotic game of cuteness gone wrong.

We are presently open for submissions for our upcoming, inaugural issues.

It is our goal to pay contributers what they are worth. To that end we will be launching a Kickstarter campain soon. Once set up, we will post a link on our site for those who wish to help get us started.

Explore and learn about the world through the written word.
Literary Journals

Blindfolds and Broken Dreams is a literary magazine that publishes Dark Fiction, Poetry, and Art. Dark Fiction explores the darkness contained within the hearts and souls of the human race, and the Universe that spawned us.
A Lighter View™ is a literary magazine that publishes light hearted and amusing Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, and Art. We all need a little light in the darkness.
News Magazines

Readiness Magazine publishes information aimed at helping citizens be prepared for emergencies, as well as information for those interested in Homesteading and Off-Grid Living.
Activism Today is a magazine dedicated to keeping its readers informed on the Causes and Issues of today. As the stewards of the planet, we must keep in mind the future is in OUR hands.

Bad Bears: How to Build a Killer is a new player vs player card game featuring teddy bears growing from "innocent" little cubs into fluffy, vicious killers. Do you have what it takes to survive a true battle of tooth and claw? Roll the dice, choose your cards, and find out.

The World After...™ is a short story anthology with a post-apocalyptic theme. This anthology is set for publication in the fall of 2017.
A Day in the Life ™ is a short story anthology that takes a peak into an average, or extraordinary, day from the viewpoint of an unusual main character. What happens when a sociopath has a phobia? Do vampires visit the dentist?

Latest News

Wandering Wolf Press, LLC

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Bad Bears: The Game

is officially available. We are doing short run prints, due to limited funding, so delivery may be slightly delayed. Also available, Bad Bears™ Gear.

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Activism Today

has an official Facebook Page. Check us out. Like our page. Share with your friends.

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Readiness Magazine

officially has a Facebook Page. Check us out.

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Bad Bears: The Game

now has a Facebook Page and Indiegogo campaign. Check us out and pre-order your game now.

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